How do you go on?


He stands over me like the Chrysler building, tall and frightening.

He speaks words of doubt, but I can't hear.

His hands are wrapped around me, but I don't feel.

His eyes have a sparkle to them, but I can't see.


Then it hits me like lightning.

He's disappeared.

I have to get up on my feet, but all I can do it kneel.

And sadly he comes back, and tells me to plea.


I want to plea, but I'm still coughing up water.

As he held me under I realized I could have prevented this.

I could have done his homework for him.

But I took the high road.


It's getting hotter.

When this is over, it will seem like bliss.

Thank goodness he didn't slaughter my limbs.

He just needs to be slowed.


A teacher walks by and sees what he's done.

As I am wheeled to the infirmary I see him cry.

How can someone live like this?

How can someone bully for a living? 

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