Bullying is a Choice


You wanna know why I'm biting my nails,

or nawing at the string of my hoodie?

You wanna know why my I'm quiet,

and have a face on ready for killing?

You wanna know why my jaw is clenched?

Or why i'm tapping my fingers?

Or pulling out my hair?


I'm doing it because I can hear.

I hear the muffled giggles.

I hear the sarcastic compliments.

I hear the accusations,

the lies,

the finger pointing.


I can hear what they are saying

about me,

about her,

about him.

I hear what they are thinking, what they are really thinking.

Everyone can hear.

Everyone already knows.

But they won't stop it,

they can't.


We gave them the power when we decided to stay silent.

We gave them the power when we didn't stop them.

We gave them the power when we didn't ask for help.

We gave them the power when we joined in,

not because we wanted to,

but because we didn't have a choice.


It's hard to stand and watch:

as a group of girls pull at a weak girls hair,

when the popular boys are beating an underclassman to death,

or when they're shoving his head down the toilet,

or pushing his things out of his hand day

after day




It's hard to listen to what they have to say.

You know its not true.

You know that girl isn't:

a slut,

a whore,

a trick,

a bitch,

a skank,

a worthless peice ot shit.


But you won't stop it,

you cant.

Because if you do,

if you even try,

you'll be sorry.

Because then it won't be you watching,

it'll be you

fighting for your life,

fighting to survive.

It'll be you hoping:

someone extends a hand to help,

someone calls the police,

someone stands up for you,

tries to stop it,

tries to tell them they're wrong,

because you didn't do anything of harm.


But you stood there and watched.

You didn't extend your hand.

You didn't call for help.

You didn't try to stop.

You wouldn't,

but you could.


If you really wanted it,

you would stop it.

You would stand up and say 'this is wrong.'

Because you have a power in your heart, mind, and spirit that is stronger than them all.

If you wanted you could stop it.

You just have to not be afraid to fall.

Because when everyone else sees what you're doing,

they'll join and stand,

they'll stand strong.



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