Your Eyes Used to be So Bright

Your eyes used to be so bright

They looked straight forward

Unnerving but more alive than all those around you,

They used to look so colorful and awake


What changed you?


Was it the people?

How they abused you

How they beat you down

Time and time again


Was it the truths of the world?

How you couldn’t dream anymore

How money closed in

Engulfing your heart


Was it the stress?

How life gave you no support?

How insomnia slowly burned your body?

Fading your eyes slowly into husks


Or was it nothing?

How you just burned out

How you don’t want to see anymore

Shielding your eyes from the light



Your eyes used to be so bright

I admired those eyes

And wished for them

instead of my own


But now,


Your eyes have turned gray

Red, swollen, and empty

What once was filled with dreams

Are now rivaled with the light of a Bar’s cellar


I wish I could have been there for you

How hard you fell

How shaded your eyes have become

If only I ran instead of walked


Shades of gray,

The Vague of white.

Once your eyes lit up the night.

Your eyes used to be so bright.



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