Beautiful Disaster


As I look back on my Life

Everything all at once hits me

If I tell this story, some would not believe

That a girl like me with through so much

From the Hurt and the pain

To the lies and rain

I went through it

Sitting in the corner as shame covered my face

Beggin God  for his amazing grace

"Your never going be nothing in life", they would say

Thats Deep

Peole would say" sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me"

Well I would have preferred bones broken because words kills

To have All those negative words running around in your head

day in, day out, day in, day out, day in, day out

Looking the mirror feeling horrified at the sight

I Just Wanted it to stop

I needed it to STOP!

my cries answered

Only silence

The world became gray

I just wanted it be over

I can not take the pain anymore

But in that moment of me giving up

Thats when it happened

Something so strong and powerful yet soft came over me

All those overbearing thoughts were tooken from me

It was if I could final;ly see

All the pain and hurt was no more

I was finally free 

Free to be the real me

There was joy in my heart

I finally realizes who I am

Words will No longer take control over my life

I refuse to let anyone take me back to that girl

They were wrong, they were ALL wrong

 I knew that everything I went through was a disaster

But I knew i make it into something Beautiful

I am a Beautfiul Disaster





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