I wanna press the rewind button and bring you to a time of peace,
I want you to see a time of joy and happiness and brotherhood,
I want you feel the love in the atmosphere that is around you during the time of joy, happiness, and brotherhood,
I want you to smell the relief of being trusted while being in the atmosphere of love.                                                                                                                                                                Seeing joy feeling happiness, being apart of a brotherhood,                                                 But most of all I want you to learn that change is a word that you could do.

You must know that everything was in the past
Now isn't the time to complain its time to fast forward and show you reality
I see hatred and revenge
Feel anger and stress 
And smell death and pain
Soreness and suffer
I can't tell you how sad our world is
I can't explain you the importance of difference 
But most of all I can't  tell you how wrong we are now
How wrong we view things,
How wrong we do things, 
How wrong we say things,
Feel thing,
Take things,
Explain things,
And how wrong we are....
Are we wrong?
Answer my question! 
Weave those words through your sins
Are we wrong
Is it wrong to see a man struggle and do absolutely nothing?
Is it wrong to laugh the disabled?
Is it wrong to judge although we do not know?
Is it wrong take advantage of others  love and kindness for our own good?
Saw your worst times 
And glue together the beauty of the best
Bake the love u feel
And feed to the man who is weak and ill
Sing to the deaf and hope them the better
Guide the blind to the light and show them YOU feel
But most of all persua yourself that you can make a change and the bad 
Dance with the man who risked his life to save our country and lost his legs
Run with the boy who has cancer and lead him to faith
Lend a shoulder to the girl who never met her father 
And sleep with the boy who is bullied and protect him
Hold the girl who was raped and show her you care
Give your last dollar to the man who is on the street so he can eat
Wave to the thugs and show them hospitality 
and stomp on regrets and spit on revenge
Tell yourself that
I am proud 
Show yourself you changed
Prove to your self that you were not wrong
They were wrong
And them help them do right.
Not wrong but right
Say it with me
We are not wrong we are right..


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