Society's Wrong

I look to the ground at my feet,
avoiding the looks from society;
I feel like a cheat;
I’m overwhelmed from my anxiety;
My flaws are showing.

I decide to run;
Society can’t stop me;
In my world, I am the sun;
I am no longer an absentee;
No one can bring me down.

They can’t take my pride;
My decisions are mine;
I’m done with the divide;
There’s no longer a boundary line;
I can be me, even if society disapproves.

I can’t be controlled;
I’m no longer under a microscope;
I can be bold;
For the future, there’s hope;
Looking in the mirror, I see no flaws.

I am flawless;
No one can change that,
Because I am my own solace;
I refuse to be put down like a cat;
My future is bright ahead.

I have no flaws,
And all that matters is what I think,
So start the applause,
Lift up your drink,
And cheers to being flawless.


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