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It took me a long time to realize that not everyone in your life is going to want what is best for you, And that sometimes the people around you are going to want to see you fail because they know they could never do what you do.
Have you.... Ever wished someone understood you? Ever wished someone took the time to listen to you? Ever wished that someone would allow you to know what having a friend is like?   Are you...
Twinkle, twinkle little star Far away, Make a wish. Twinkle, twinkle little star Please my wish, Please come true.   Little me, Oh how cute! You thought looking at the stars
My outside appearance shows nothing of me.  I am not what you see,  for I am not even human.  I am a soul  trapped inside this body,  screaming for help. I'm constantly being attacked 
Wildly wishing To run with the wind To dance to song birds’ tunes To lay in the grass on a warm summer day To let all my worries wash away
Wishing... Wishing for someone to notice me Wishing to be #1 in someone's world Wishing to find that perfect someone for me Wishing for things that I know will never come true   Wishing...
Wishing... Wishing for someone to notice me Wishing to be #1 in someone's world Wishing to find that perfect someone for me Wishing for things that I know will never come true   Wishing...
...I guess I can't call you my "next boyfriend." That would imply there was a "first boyfriend."   I apologize, in advance, Because the path to my heart is overgrown, Infrequently traveled but torn asunder,
I long to see your face, To hear your voice, But that will never be the case.   I want to pull you into an embrace, Squeeze you tight, For all the negatives to be erased.  
Its frustrates me. It pisses me off. The way she can say She wants boyfriend When I was a great one But no she dumped me Cuz she was gonna cheat on me. Like what the fuck
I wish someone had told me how hard this life was going to get. I wish someone had told me all the memories I should have been making,
No one ever falls on purpose, I knew you were no good for me, but I ignored what was under the surface. I was told you were a flirt, but that is what reeled me in. You acted intrested, so I put up my guard again.
I wanted you so bad Still kind of do. Sometimes I wonder why. We're both not quite over the past. But I'm willing to give it a try.   You, not so much.
Chipped paint and cracked brick walls, Yellowed moon and tower lights for stars, Concrete plastered over green floors-- This is the world I abhor.
  You were once so beautiful, We were once so close But this is not who i once loved And is instead a tortured ghost Just a shell that's been cracked And on the verge of perish
The tears that are surfacing upon my eyes and leaving glistening trails of a salty substance are not there for the comfort you had given me.
every night i sit watching the stars dance infinitely hoping somehwere you are sitting watching waiting wondering if i am doing the same
Born of copper intertwined, On a hot press in 1969. Never meant to be worth more than a cent, Carrying a rigid core that could not be bent. With all of the shoving, moving tossing and throwing,
Couldn't see, couldn't hear, darkness was everywhere Why did you leave? I needed you More now than ever I'm so lost without the two of you Remember when you would call me boo?
Blind Ambition Keeps me wishin' I had someone like You   Orange burst of passion Purple mist
I'm a fountain of blood in the shape of a girl that hoped one day that maybe she could be loved. You told me I was beautiful. You taught me to talk. You told me I was your princess,
3 Kinds of Love
  Don't imprison me with your determined boundaries of fear and unhappiness  My love is real, unwavering Don't hold me so close, so tight I can't breathe  My breathe is for you, unheedingly 
I hope the day reality hits me Takes its time in coming With the blow   I want to spend my days dreaming, Wishing on shooting stars, And believing the world is somehow 
As the sun rises over the horizon, Doves fly through the clouds. The land is covered in soft green waves Over rolling hills. Sprinkled throughout Are brilliant flowers like confetti
I'm wishing on a star Waiting for my dreams to come true Still all alone in my dark little room Just waiting for my wish to be realized
Today I wished upon a star, To be able to smile, To be able to live. To be with a happy family, To not be afraid of tomorrow,
Wished my life away, Now I’m trying to live back my days, I use to wish I was taller, Now I get that I should have shut my mouth. I wanted to be smarter, But sometimes you need a little doubt.
Good bye Try not to cry Long sigh Something shatters inside A new realization The cycle just completed a rotation No intentions Little predictions Sometimes it is a game
emotions meet your demise for it is a poem that looks you in the eye happiness no longer causes madness insanity reality clarity personality no longer cookie cutter
Wishing Wishing is for those who have screwed up For those who have none or want more The greedy the needy, that’s who wishing for but not just them but the broken and sore The rich and the poor
Everything feel like a blur.
Dear Me, Don't you see your problem is this you can't forget what love is you see him everywhere when y'all speak you can't help but to stare into those eyes you fell anything you would sell
What I wish I could, but never can. We sit here today and tomorrow and the next day until the weekend. But for what? Some of us never get anything from this is a waste of time.
Prepare yourself, For this will not be ordinary. To express the way I feel Is to look upon the people of this earth with a smile in my heart To see the distraught  the unloved the wanting
There is winter in a faraway land In a castle sitting on the plains Snow whips through the air Locking the earth in chains
The things we could do Just me and just you World spinning with sin Morals wearing thin But it's in my head Aloud never said Just a fantasy Of you and of me All kept a secret
Sofi stumbles over, Mr. Lincoln in tow-- dented, matte, oxidized-- shouts, “eins, zwei, drei…”
She can see it, See your heart glowing. You think you hide it well, But babe, it's showing. And you know, it's just a bit obvious, That her heart's glowing back at yours. So tell her more... Tell her more.
The passing street signs slow as my Hopeless gazing locks to the shine Of the moon on the water And I’ve made my mind It is time for change, a brand new game, A different set of lines
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