Mon, 01/06/2014 - 17:42 -- EllisXB


Wishing is for those who have screwed up

For those who have none or want more

The greedy the needy, that’s who wishing for but not just them but the broken and sore

The rich and the poor

That’s who wishing is for

Wishing doesn’t always come true but it helps

It helps calm your restless soul into slight beats of rhythmic concealment

Your body feels concealed from the hurt and pain of what you wish

To reverse

Wishing is for the luckless

The saints unholy

The ones who know they are on death’s row but will plead with any form of providence they know, to be let go

Wishing is for the broken of heart

Those who have nothing left

Those who are blind and deaf

Wishing is for everybody yet nobody, because there’s only one star in that sky and only one wish to be brought true

Wishing is the act of calling upon a star so, so afar to beg it to do the impossible

Wishing is for those who cannot fend for themselves wishing their situation would change

Wishing is for the deranged that wish to be welcomed into society or evicted from it

Wishing is for your grandfather lying in that bed losing that battle I wish he will be alright

Wishing is for her, doesn’t know who you are doesn’t know who she is, mama, it’s me it’s me

Wishing is the stuff of legends and fairy tales

Twinkle, twinkle little star how I wonder what you are or what you can do for me

Wishing is for those, those who cannot tell, what wishing will do for them

Wishing is the stuff of children

What children hope can change if they try to wish it away

In a way wishing makes us all like children

Wishing is for those who’ve been lost in the sand

The eternal sand of time

That has swallowed us up in the ecological

Demographic, political xenophobic

Society we exist in

Wishing is for those

Wishing is for those

Wishing is for those who can wish

Who have the will to wish

The will to keep going on

Not the weak soul

Who took his life

Because of teen angst or family strife

Not that his death is any less important

But that he wasted his life

Wishing is not for those who’ve corrupted the pure minds of children

With the racist, sexist, political crap

That they grew up learning

Wishing is not for those who have decided to change the world

For THEIR benefit!

Wishing is not for those who have not taken the life of a person but those have taken the life of a child’s imagination

The congregation

Who was brainwashed

The minds of children!

Wishing is for the broken and insane

The ones who own nothing

Yet own everything

Wishing is for those the children

Who believe

In the sanity

The sanctity of wishing

Not those corrupted by the political train we’ve all hopped in the hopes of getting off

In a better land

A land well funded

A land where we don’t

Need to be


Wishing, is for those cowards

Who scream What If Instead of Why Not

The what if this coin is needed to help ME in the future instead of why not give this coin to benefit


The one who needs it

Wishing can change your life

But how about wishing to help

Someone else



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