One Story's Dance


United States
29° 54' 39.4704" N, 81° 22' 22.5732" W

The passing street signs slow as my
Hopeless gazing locks to the shine
Of the moon on the water
And I’ve made my mind
It is time for change, a brand new game,
A different set of lines

I am finally letting go and I’ve finally found my way

Now I’m searching my last footsteps for a trace of who I am
And I’m swimming through the memories to find you once again
My only fear is waking up and realizing
That all this has been within dreams
And I wake up to a nightmare

The clock ticks backwards through this line,
As I drown myself in these rhymes
I am not going to miss my chance - not this time
‘Cause I’m taking hold, a leap of faith, a chance to call you mine

Now I’m dancing through time and space-finding who I am
And I’m galloping, in every dream, searching for your hands
My only fear is falling down and realizing
This is not all what it seems
And I’m living in a nightmare

My itching ears scream to say the name
It tastes of such bittersweet pain
Reality and fantasy, imaginary, “wish could be”s kiss
To form a world where I can live my life away from this

These ropes and chains and pretty things- they hurt at given chance
Broken dreams and sad things that interrupt this dance
No cuts or bruises only scars that point their way to the stars
To remind me of my healing heart

Now I’m flying over bridges, and finding my own heart
Looking over the city, the place this all had start
The building heights and road sign lights, they water up my eyes
My heart rests in the amber skies

Now I’m looking through the photographs to remember who you are
And I’m sorting through the memories remembering our parts
To the happy things, eternal dreams that create this whole dance
I’m not giving up my chance

© Copyright Ashley Davis 2013 (One Story’s Dance)


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