What I Wish To Say


What I wish I could, but never can. We sit here today and tomorrow and the next day until the weekend. But for what? Some of us never get anything from this is a waste of time. We just look at you and wish we could yell, scream, or fight to tell you that...it's not helping what we do in our daily lives.  We come to school and leave school with the same thought every single day "Why am I still coming here? This is all so useless." What I wish I could say to my teachers, I don't care anymore, I want to get out of here and be done with this place. I want to go and be far away from this place as possible. What I wish I could say. I won't use this in my future, what you're saying to me is crap and I don't care about it all. I wish I was far away from school, desks, the people in this school, teachers, and work. What I Wish to Say.


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