Wildly Wishing

Wildly wishing

To run with the wind

To dance to song birds’ tunes

To lay in the grass on a warm summer day

To let all my worries wash away

To sing to the stars

To howl at the moon and revel in her glory

To hug my niece and let her know how much I love her

To see my siblings and know they’re fine

To find the one who can make safe passage through my heart

To find a way to ease the pain and heal my scars

To know if these grey clouds ever go away

To finally feel more than just ‘okay’

To not have to lie when asked if I’m alright

To see the good parts of me that everyone but me seems to see

To dream a dream and not have it haunt me when I close my eyes

To not have to say goodbye when my childhood finally dies

To figure out what I want in life


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