Dear Me,


Where I waste most of my time
Elms Killeen, Texas
United States
48° 35' 36.4632" N, 101° 13' 52.4892" W

Dear Me,

Don't you see

your problem is this

you can't forget what love is

you see him everywhere

when y'all speak you can't help but to stare

into those eyes you fell

anything you would sell

to have him

your wants something steals them

so you lay here

while your mind is there

stuck in the past

wish it would last

tears flow

you just don't know

your emotions in poems

so you show him

but can't tell aloud

it's him who they're about

defeat you keep

and don't say a peep

what is it

say this skit

tell him what he remains

but it's insane

your thoughts expressed

often he is impressed

just say what is true

say "i love you"

no matter

if it makes you sadder

your reasoning, right?

everything is alright

he has what he deserves

so upside down you turn this curve

you can't understand

why you want to take his hand?

why you feel butterflies in his presence?

or why you lose all common sense?

i am writing to make you think

i might be wasting ink

but the point that is valid

i hope most of this slid

through one ear and out the other

maybe it's your feelings it will smother

i know you won't

because you don't

want to risk

with that you are dismisses

yours only, 

the girl i wish wasn't me

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