Modern Oasis

As the sun rises over the horizon,

Doves fly through the clouds.

The land is covered in soft green waves

Over rolling hills. Sprinkled throughout

Are brilliant flowers like confetti

On New Years Day. Bringing sweet

Aroma into the seamless spring air.


All around are colorful butterflies

Sipping peacefully on nectar, ladyugs

Buzz in harmony with bluebirds

Fluttering in the magnificant oaks

Swaying in the breeze. Creating

A cool sensation upon

All living things.


A soothing river whispers through the oasis,

Away from the butterflies and extravagance

Of the accepted American life.

In the cleansing clear waters

Fish meander

With no worry.


A girl lies beneath a holly tree

Enjoying the bright shade of the warming sun,

Meditating the bliss and praying for peace.

Never wanting to leave,

But knows she must.



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