Wishful Thinking

I wanted you so bad

Still kind of do.

Sometimes I wonder why.

We're both not quite over the past.

But I'm willing to give it a try.


You, not so much.

You have so many options, so why just settle for one?

So young and beautiful.

Just wanting to have fun.


I still follow your every move on social media.

Yea, It's pretty creepy.

Reading everything you tweet.

Thinking, "this could be me".


Wishing my dreams would turn into reality.

Watching as me turns into us.

Showing you off, thats all I want.

Letting everyone know, this beautiful young queen beside me is all mine.


And your mind .... I'll never downplay that.

Your thoughts and feelings become apart of me.

Whatever you feel, you can say that.

And everything you want, I'm forever giving.

With you by myside.

We both could be winning.

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