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The Wind Rises by Emma McNulty    The wind will rise n' put your dream in flight Until you're dragged down slowly by real life. Your mind floods with promise n' colors bright
When was the exact moment I fell, I don’t remember, but look at me, my spirit is loud and clear, it tells? Like monkey business it smells 8-months ago, I could never foretell, or predicted a “love” such as this.
5…   When you feel a hand squeezing ice into your fingertips,  cold as those distant galaxies you had always studied,  as a new star was being born, 
I am not evil When you looked away for two minutes, I am still the same person I was 2 minutes ago.
Playful smiles Colorful walls wrapped up like gifts Evenings of laughter Car rides that turned to roller coasters
Dear _______,   I won’t give you a name. You know who you are And I know, too.   I’m trying to forget. I’m trying to let go of the Little obstacles I’ve been through.  
Little Jerae,  always smile girl don’t  let no one get you down through your pain and struggles don’t let anyone see your frown you will with all your might jump over your obstacles and cross the finishing line
2016 was a year of L's. On average I took an L every other month. Which means I learned from 6 L's that I wanna share with y'all.   
LIFE pushes you in new places not askin you but forcin you to partake left my friends- the heartache nontheless you move on   glided into junior year studied hard with my peers
My motto this year: But despite the negatives, There were positives.
It's inevitable. We all shout, cry, scream, and drown in our dark thoughts But it's how we decide to fight those moments that makes us unique, Me- I go back in time.
fearful of my eyes, my mind, my lips spitting out someone else's secrets at any given second i could explode and everything within me the restrictions of tongue.
It was in early August when you first passed me by- A whisper of a voice floating on the winds. The harmonic notes danced through the  empty space and captured my soul,
Dark, shallow, chained.
I have an infinite faith that never ends within the obstacles that I face there is a light of hope that shines so bright in my heart and soul. I have an infinite faith that god granted
You call at me like destiny And fly out of my grasp with the wind You tempt me with your grandeur Only to take it all away with your greed You invite me in
Like the sidewalk flower, We develop from difficulties. Struggling through cement, We learn our lessons.   Like the sidewalk flower, We overcome our obstacles. Battling through bricks,
Life is tough I must admit. Motivation, determination, it drives me not to quit. When life gets hard I keep my head up, even though im just a kid I act like a grown up.
So let's live, And let love. Where is this coming from? My heart says yes, In you I obsess.   And I'm losing my mind, But I swear that it's fine... Just commit me now,
A movie is playing Inside my mind The type I’ve come to expect Not bygone moments Captured in the essence of time No, These are the instants Which have not occurred Or may never at all
I guess I was wrong about you, I'm sorry I wasted your time. Kill my hope, my heart, my dreams, my soul, and mind. It's time for you to destroy me, What's left of me anyways.
You see that person, you had a past, you wish it didnt end that way.  You wish that it couldve last but you realize you wouldve messed it up anyway.   But if there was another strike
These obstacles and my pain
Being black shouldnt discriminate, unike any other. Being brown shouldnt mean i have to drown in this society. Being brown should enable me to get a crown,just like any other. Being black shouldnt be a set back.
Who are you to tell me what potential is? The groomed, upstart young children Getting ever luckier While the rest Wait For their chance to shine and blow it When they realize they’re so behind
Dream of sleep and wonder, of cold rain and thunder. Dream of something exhilarating and painful. Dream of life by the handful. Dream of a smile
I lay under the sea of giants, standing tall and free, Tilt and see a mural of brown, red, yellow, and green. The overwhelming of colors I feel all mixed inside of me,
You don't need much to spread your wings You don't need much to make others see You don't need much to sing and sing You don't need much to follow your dreams All you need is to fly real high
Walls all around Tears fall on the ground Black is all i see Fear wells up inside of me; but there is always hope in view A chance to start anew Obstacles constanly stand in the way 
Life is a flower So sweet, aground Yet breakable and beautiful As there is to be found   Life is a bird With wings that soar Through the clouds Up, up, evermore  
  There once was a dragon. He breathed fire. He was bright pink with golden stripes. But he wasn’t a mean dragon. He was a nice dragon who flew around and gave people cotton candy.  
  I get laughed at, I get picked on, I often feel like no one cares, And I just keep my thoughts inside. People can laugh at me, and even pick on me, But no matter what, I’ll follow my dreams.
Hey Dylan, I’ve been here for you for a while now. But for 19 years straight, you’ve been nothing but a villain. Your love toward me, you disavow.   I didn’t do anything to deserve this. With each puff,
Coming up to bind The troubles ahead will soon unwind. Ahead I go without a trace, Into the wilderness soon I will face. This is my time When life at its peak is sublime.
It was about November when I began my descent, slowly, softly sinking. That night it picked up like quick sand. Clouded lungs to match my clouded mind. Fists clenched tight,
Fire, light, inhale. Breathe, obsorb the poison. Deep breath, obsorb the smoke. Feel The Addiction Take Over. Breathe, obsorb the pain. Deep breathe, obsorb the cancer. Feel The Addiction Take Over.
Oh when the drugs wear out and the crash kicks in painful glares pierce through yout thick skin and it all comes down  to who you are with in not who you try to be, just to fit in
(poems go here)Since you were formed with your mothers promiscuity and your fathers control issues we knew you were going to be different. Knew the world might hold a grudge on you because of your broken down family tree.
My veins have capsized drowing in their own fiery red searing with the eternal implosion called impassive confusion.   The oven bells are ringing calling the chickens home to roast.
Like a bird in a cage She longs to fly now Like one chosen for the kill She waits to die now Blasted and cursed For all that she's done Imagined friends in false jubilee is all that she's won
Millions say writing is what saved them. Writing is all that they have. And I am one to stand up, and agree. Writing saved me from the dark hole my mind was creating when I had depression.
Lost! Alone! I wish I could die! Scream the minds of the pawns with elongated chains Attached to their wrists, ankles, and minds Release us, we beg you! Oh please, release us!
When thousands of thoughts go through my head When the everyday pace ceases to end I close my mouth and open my heart I write out the panic and all of the pain This domino effect brings rushed worries and thoughts
When I’m standing at this ridge between today and tomorrow, And I’m learning to fix my mouth to call myself a woman, And l scratch for the crack of a niche in which I’ll fall into place, I exhale and I write.
Slowly the years of my life go and I sit here with nothing to show. I look up at the beautiful sky, not really caring whether I live or die. Some things just can’t be described.
She was so happy. She'd dance and laugh and run. No cares or worries, only innocence. Then things began to change, the innocence faded away, and the first time broke her. She's damaged and scarred,
It comes Slowly On the edge It pushes I push back One more day free Another crack It comes Quicker Inside It pushes I nudge One more day freed
The drips of red were flowing As gravity pulled the liquid down My left arm massacred My right hand the murderer
Mist inside a hollow hole, worn and torn with wear- Edges, obsidian sharp Heavy, with a golden weight Barren earth and air, So thick it's almost dry Thunder cracks the ear An unmistakable throb,
The pain of yesterday is calling my name today, Promising me pain today, Just like I felt yesterday. I don’t want to cry today. I don’t want to ask, “Why?” today.
It's kinda funny how when you're small all you dream about is growing tall and becoming an adult. But they never said life would be this hard. It's not all sugar plums and fairy tales.
He laid there in his bed Motionless, clinging to life by one single thread His memories reflecting through his eyes If only he had the chance to give one last goodbye So tired and broken, frail and worn out
What is pain? What are tears? When you have a million questions with no fears. Born to this world Without a trace. Left in the dark, left to defend. And, you start so low. But, come up so high.
She used to be an innocent girl But the devil has changed her Staring in a mirror The reflection is a stranger She yells out to God With tears running down her cheek Praying to become strong
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