Red, Realization, Relief


United States
33° 47' 15.6984" N, 117° 56' 1.2732" W

The drips of red were flowing
As gravity pulled the liquid down
My left arm massacred
My right hand the murderer

My mind closed from the world
Filled with negative emotions
Blinded by my rage and sadness
Breaking my promises

Tears blurred my vision
As I witnessed the crime scene
My right hand with no remorse
Swiftly depleted my left arm

And I did not stop the horror
For I did not care
My emotions raw with poison
And my heart had sunk deep down

As my emotions calmed
My tears stopped
And I could see the drips on the floor
I panicked

My brain finally comprehended
I wouldn't stop bleeding
My heart sunk back down
Blood drained from my face

I quickly grab what ever cloth I had
And covered the throbbing wound
I pressed and counted to 30
I was still bleeding

I panicked
I pressed even harder
My tears came back
Filled with regret now

I thought of my careless action
My stupidity, my recklessness
I should have never let anger consume me
The realization of my actions

The consequences of my actions
I fought with myself and I lost
But I did not want to die
I stopped the bleeding

Relief filled me once I stopped the flow
In that moment I knew
The thing I should have done long ago
I had to stop, I had to stop fighting

I had to stop hating myself
To believe in me
To be my own hero
To never again feel helpless

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Cutting does make you realize light in every situation. You would rather stick around then die from a razor blade on your arm. Keep writing and read my poems and tell me what you think.

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