Bird With Broken Wings


United States
29° 56' 0.4596" N, 96° 52' 40.7748" W

Like a bird in a cage
She longs to fly now
Like one chosen for the kill
She waits to die now
Blasted and cursed
For all that she's done
Imagined friends in false jubilee is all that she's won
Alone now she sits, laughing within herself
But no, now she's crying
Trapped in scorn's wealth
Shaking and confused, it's from Heaven she fell
Torn and tormented
Now wandering through Hell
Once known as "human",
Now become a solitary empty shell
One full of starvation
Devoid of nurturing delights
The ones that serve her soul only
Now stripped with all frights
Now here she stands barren
Like such unholy things
And there she shrieks trapped
Like a bird without wings
And all angels' hands that offered to raise her up as a ladder
They've all fled from her wasted form
So worn out and battered
Every warming smile and loving stare has been torn out an shattered
And now she is glaring
Glaring nowhere
At nothing, in gloom
It's what she's revealed that has sealed her doom
Every desire and weakness
That's landed her in storm and bleakness
And nothing she will ever see can ever bring her back
Not with her will to choose and fill in where others lack
Those little places
The untold spaces
She once seemed to make real
They don't matter anymore since she forgot how to feel
There's no pride in what's done in vain
No matter who looks on in disdain
Whether it is the one actor or others
It is the one actor's vigor that smothers
Under all the pressure
Of handling one's treasure
Whether from within or afar
So whatever the case
She'll suffocate
Like a butterfly born in a jar
When her colour was noticed
She refused to show its
Brightness and light anymore
For the love that she felt
For all of her feats became repulsive and abhorred
For her, respect is cruelty
"How dare her honor roam free!"
So now, as pollen on the breeze, her spirit becomes a whisper
Yet she has no right to latch onto a sister
No she is too unattractive and dumb
Nothing like her elder innocence exists any longer
This knowledge of hers seeps in and goes numb
There's no way she is special
For she is replaceable when spent
And those in whom she confides the most
Make certain to give her this hint
For when she lowers herself for other's health it is great
But a single act to self-serve is world-hate
And yet, no one cares to admit what they have in mind for her fate
It seems to matter not, if fate be her choice
Even if fate were their decision
It shall be wronged by verification of her voice
What a lonely path!
Isolated and unknown
And through her heart, amazingly,
There are still daggers to be thrown
So much still to bear, although nearly grown
Finally, as in the breaking of meat from the once tranquil dove's breastbone,
Her shadow rapes her
And to only herself, her true essence is known


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