Lonely Soul


United States
37° 43' 7.914" N, 122° 4' 41.0268" W

Mist inside a hollow hole,
worn and torn with wear-
Edges, obsidian sharp
Heavy, with a golden weight
Barren earth and air,
So thick it's almost dry
Thunder cracks the ear
An unmistakable throb,
Head's light and gone with unknown fear
Blue skies streaked with rain
A solace of pain
Unknown blood slipping through the gap
Cries of whispering willows,
Blowing without a breeze
The drone of clear covered frost
Black daggers rising from the ground
Eyes like shattered glass
Tears Invisible
Bleeding heart in the midst
Unexplainable quiet



A description of the unexplainable gap that tends to form inside of us whenever we have too much time to ourselves to think of sadness, regret, and discord...

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