The Puppeteer's Marionettes


United States
43° 38' 36.5784" N, 116° 26' 9.6036" W

Lost! Alone! I wish I could die!
Scream the minds of the pawns with elongated chains
Attached to their wrists, ankles, and minds
Release us, we beg you! Oh please, release us!

Yet their
Laughs at their
Takes joy in their cries.

I wish I could die!

The puppeteer takes hold of their strings
And moves them about fit to his will
Moving them here, shifting them there,
And all the while, leering at their cries.

I wish I could die!

And the manipulator lays them down to sleep,
Ignoring their calls and the cries of their pain
Of which he is the cause
Yet he claims no blame for their hurt.

I wish I could fly!

You wish you could fly? You wish you could fly?
Yes, I wish I could fly! Fly far, so far, away from our tyrant
And the anguish he causes for all of us!
Don't you wish? Don't you wish?

To wish to fly, to wish to fly!
Of course, of course! Oh, if we could fly!
The silent praises rang through the dark
As the marionettes rejoiced because of their wish.

But their praises quieted as the oppressor's footsteps were heard
And he burst through the door shouting
"Quiet, you slaves! You shan't voice another word, sentence or phrase!
You are all mine, and mine alone!
You will never achieve your wishes-only mine!
So be silent, you captives, you prisoners, you knaves!"

The room rang with silence as the puppeteer spun and left,
Finally, the whispers returned, the rustles begun,
And the marionettes began to smile and laugh,
Laugh with silence only puppets could know.

We wish we could fly! We wish we could fly!
Oh, if only we could fly!
And the noise brought the puppeteer back to their room,
Their cries bouncing off the walls of their tiny quarters.

We wish we could fly! We wish we could fly!

The puppeteer gathered them together,
Their shouts echoing in his mind,
Causing him to growl like a dog,
Mad and crazy.

”You wish you could fly, you wish you could fly?
Well, you shall fly, yes, you shall fly!"
The puppeteer laughed maniacally,
Opening the furnace of his theatre house,
Making sure the flames were hungry.

He picked up one marionette by one,
Trying desperately to suppress their cries.
We wish we could fly!
We wish we could-


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