Tue, 01/20/2015 - 22:30 -- Addessa


Life is tough I must admit.

Motivation, determination, it drives me not to quit.

When life gets hard I keep my head up,

even though im just a kid I act like a grown up.

See, I grew up way too fast, life at home was pretty rough.

I saw more than I should've, but its what made me tough.

We didnt have lots of money, daddy spent it on coke.

Mommy wont get a job, she'd rather sit home and smoke.

I bounced around way too much as I was growing up. 

Twelve schools down, but I kept my grades up.

I know my parents love me but they take it too far,

Court with dad for hitting, me mommy drunk at the bar.

On some days I can tell that they know they messed up,

but im over it now, its too late, I grew up.

Sometimes I wish I could change how my life is,

but I look on the brightside; know what reality is.

When I think about my brother I get a little choked up.

His daddy passed when he was six, since then hes been messed up.

Mentally, emotionally, the pooor kid is drained,

all he has is our mother who is legitimately insane.

I wish I could be with him all of the time,

but if I lived with my mom I'd lose my damn mind.

I'm missing out on my sister growing into a young lady,

I'd talk to her more if her mom wasnt crazy.

I only see her on the weekend that she comes around

when my dad picks her up instead of buying a pound.

She's my baby girl always and forever

our bond is like atoms that can never be severed.

It kills me inside to see these kids grow old

knowing im not around leaves my heart feeling cold.

I've lived with my aunt since me and my dad fought,

its been like a good dream avoid the comments so mean.

Like the things my mom has said, doesnt want me, wishes she was dead.

Thats a whole other story, 

I'll warn you now its a bit gory.

She's stabbed herself, taken too many pills

the suicide note gave me the chills.

She's tapped in the head but all that can be said

is that I still love her and I'm glad she's not dead.




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