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In a split second you want your life to be over.  Please hold on and remember life is about do-overs.
It's happening again,I'm fallingDown into a deep endless void,At least, I think it's endlessMaybe it's not.Maybe eventually I'll reach the bottom.The bottom of this deep empty pit in which I'm falling.
Author: Ruby Mejia-Perez Acrostic Poem: Enedina is an exceptional hardworking woman Never gives up always looking for improvement Excelling in life even while adulting
They told you time would heal. That eventually you'd make progress. So you carry on. Sometimes you go days, weeks without crumbling.
As we wait for the inevitability that is death We joke and cry and Laugh while we pass our sorrows around We are all children down to the core I mean, Who wants to Grow up and be alone?
Through ups and downs  we continue to work together through ups and downs  we continue to make jokes  through ups and downs  we continue to listen  but most importantly 
Teens from over the world need to hear this You might think school is stressful, but really it's bliss 12 year of learning, but that's still not enough So you think about quitting, because it's too much
Outside, Pristine Joyful laughter and witty comments are her body hair shines with intelligence, sole thick with confidence. She knows her world and the one before her
Nowhere to go and no friends to roam the streets   Hoping that someone will find out Find out that you have been carrying a lie That smile on your face everyday
Cuts, scars, bruises
 The routine I so well know
 Life isn’t about the canoes and cruises
 It’s about those people who row
 Miracles happen, this I know to be true 
It happened to me, it can happen to you

I was born in the fires I see the marks that they leave, for everyone else its not hell that they see, I grew up in shadows was pushed to the side, My father denice that I'm even alive,
Why do you think you are so alone Do we not ask you what is wrong Do we not ask you to just tell us Why do you think you are so alone   We heard you were in the hospital last week
Time is moving fast I wish I can slow it down But Some people I be messing with they never come around It's like I'm the only one that's down You can ask my town
Waking up day by day, slowly trying to take the stress away Days going time by time,
To my descendants: When I arrived in this role I had been given, love was blossoming in many ways. People were just learning to love people for who they are, what they are.
I am now finally here, through the fears and tears, I have finally made it.. I am no longer self-destructive, now I am productive and constructive. Loser I am not for my name means defender.
One left, my heart died As it broke my trust on love One came, my heart lived My heart learned to love again Gently piled my trust once more   The heart can be taught,
Camera lights flashing,  hundreds of people clapping. I did it; WE did it. The smiles, the laughs. The friendships that will always last. How did I get so lucky? Stepping onto that mat;
Expectations pose one of the greatest threats to h
Hey, my name is T-Rek Ya I ain't a reject, it's all about respect Arab, don't hate, reflect   
There is no need for judging  In this world it's all or nothing For loving and hugging  Not cutting or fighting   Everyone's lives are a mystery
  Sometimes all you can do is stand. All you can do is keep on working, pushing towards brighter days.
A breeze whispering a soft promise of rain and thunder. The sun slowly sinking on the horizon. The clouds roll in as the sky darkens,
Working on me is the best thing I can do!
Confusion on a silver platter served up quite nicely for all to enjoy. Or rather to think of in a derogatory way within themselves. The case may vary, as many grow weary.
As I leave my family Towards a glowing light I cannot look away I am blinded and cannot see ahead I hear the great gust of wind trying to push me back. Yet why do I keep walking forward?
Searching for something to hold on to, can't find nothing to grasp
People give it their all, and its sad when its not enough
When things go wrong,As they will sometimes.Dont you worry, for they will soon be gone.Even though your troubles seem to pile on up,
If I tell you how I feel, You'll laugh at my joke. You'd tell me that I'm stupid, and leave me here alone. Deserted in the desert, Crowded in the streets. I've fallen into your eyes, lies, & shame.
Up on a mountain peak Sits a place where everyone wants to seek But the journey to the top is hard and cold Where challenges never cease to get old Most people trip and stumble along the way
My life: it’s like one of those practices where you keep running suicides The whistle blows, you start running You don’t know when it’s going to stop; but what you do know is you have no other option but to give it your all
  Pain, Torment, Hurt, Sorrow, Emptiness Feelings I experience everyday There is no way to describe Let them wash away and happiness stay  
When I was younger, I went through a lot of crap. I didn't know how to express my feelings. My emotions, my life, everything was out of wack. I was bullied. I had thoughts of suicide.
What stops us from going after our dreams, desires, and hopes? Is it the fear of disapproval, judgment, or fearing that you yourself are wrong? Why is it that we live our lives in fear?
Lost is the lady bee in the apple tree Drawn to the nature without a mother Carrying only a bit of poison to protect herself Looking for the soft petals of security
She lays there with the blood coursing ever so slowly through her veins dying in her agony... atrophy from the antagonizing sorrow of the pain she feels in side... her eyes are glazy and cloudy
I've failed, I know I have, I've screwed up so many times, I try and try, But nothing improves, What's the point of practice, If nothing hits perfection. What's the point of trying,
I Never fell asleep yesterday but when I woke up today I realized that tomorrow is not so far away.
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