People give it their all, and its sad when its not enough

Reach the point where all you want to do is give up, its tough

They say we'll advance, give it time

Feeding our illusions and changing our perspective, like an enzyme

There is times where all you want to do is break down and cry

Give in to bad habits drowning into the liquor and wine

Everything is going bad but when asked, everything is fine

Situations where we can't do it alone, but help is still declined

You tell them you can do it by yourself, your not their kind

Struggling to stay ahead, but being reckless causes the mistakes and leaves you behind

You urge to be enlightened, praying for the Lord's sign

Wish we can go back to simpler times and press rewind

My eternal search has turned into my eternal wait

For all those who haven't lost fate, this I dedicate

Its hard to keep on going when everytime you catch your objective, it slips away

Escapes your grasp and leaves you with nothing at the end of the day

We make the right decisions but we end up with nothing

I guess the intent is what matters, thats something

We've had good times

Hopefully its not only to give us fake hope

Hopefully we don't feel hopeless everytime

Hopefully I have enough strength to keep my grip on this rope...


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