I grew up


I was born in the fires I see the marks that they leave,
for everyone else its not hell that they see,
I grew up in shadows was pushed to the side,
My father denice that I'm even alive,
I grew up in a home that will never exist,
A mother whose insults would turn into list,
I grew up in tears that were hidden inside,
questioning o for why I'm alive,
I forgot who I was forgot how to care,
scared for so long an hidden in fear,
so you tell me to realize that I don't know pain,
look how you raised me look at your game,
you don't know what I've been through,
you din't take my route,
It affected me badly and I can't break out,
the scaring its hidden cover by skin,
no on could guess its given by kin,
my hearts stopped beating an my bloods gone col,
don't think ill forgive you when I've turned old,
I grew up knowing pain was a part of my life,
now its time for you to witness my fight,
my fight for redemption and a new start,
because for once in my life I'm sealing my heart, 
ill keep it to me till I finally know,
if the world is ready for a girl with a broken soul. 


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