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I've failed,
I know I have,
I've screwed up so many times,
I try and try,
But nothing improves,
What's the point of practice,
If nothing hits perfection.
What's the point of trying,
If you know you don't have a chance,
It shows character,
It shows will,
It shows courage,
And it also shows might,
Who cares if you've failed,
Who cares if you've lost,
At least you tried.
To try is to win,
To quit is to loose.
A battle's never lost,
Until the warriors give up,
And also give in.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

" who cares if you failed, who cares if you've lost

at least you tried" follow this throughout your life

never give up and keep fighting- as long as you don't quit, you will never lose

write outside the box and build off your ideas

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