A breeze whispering a soft promise of rain and thunder.

The sun slowly sinking on the horizon.

The clouds roll in as the sky darkens,

Beads of sweat roll down my brow and neck.

I must press on.

His breath straining with each pound of his hoof.

The ground shaking with every step.

The satisfaction of the closeness of human and beast,

An unbroken connection.

My grip tightens around leather and my muscles ache,

We have the satisfaction of success.

This creature that has become my soul,

The one thing that knows my movements before I know them.

Together we have accomplished the unthinkable.

When many have said,

“You cannot. He is broken.


We have proved them wrong;

We have showed them that nothing is past the point of fixing.

A neglected animal that only needed love,

He needed to find a place to be,

A name to be called.

Now he has; my horse.

My best friend,

My Joey.

 He is the reason I have found peace.

My reason for passion.


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