You Always Do


United States
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Why do you think you are so alone

Do we not ask you what is wrong

Do we not ask you to just tell us

Why do you think you are so alone


We heard you were in the hospital last week

We wanted to know what we could do

But you told us to go away 

Then cried you because you were alone


We care about you

We worry about you

If you let us in

Then maybe we could even heal you


There is no lost cause

You feel, there for you are

Don't even up so easily

You're just letting your demons win

And they so badly want to


When it seems that all hope is gone

When it seems all things are lost

Somewhere there is a light

Even in your darkness

There is a light

But it is you, if not us, that has to find it


Don't let the demons win

They don't deserve it

But you do

You always do


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