The Best Of The Best


I am now finally here, through the fears and tears, I have finally made it..

I am no longer self-destructive, now I am productive and constructive.

Loser I am not for my name means defender.

Yes, I will protect anyone from the offenders,

The offenders from the top.

This is my story and I might as well begin.


In my head where my demons attacked, there was a gift of heaven locked up inside.

In my head my brain was bombarded with the negatives and beyond.

Kicking the ball was not easy nor playing the sixteens in only three months.

I was there just to be there, while no one really cared, I was the moth in the butterfly family.


While so sick and tired I went to church and there she had said my gift and unleashed it.

My self esteem was back up. No matter how hard this was, I knew what I Was going to do.

I will no longer dwell on my demons nor be a fool.


At six o clock I changed my clothes put my cleats and ran.

Jaws on the floor. There’s no longer an exit door.

Made two goals and outran a slim girl.

There thE TRUTH self to come out.


At 7 o clock I brought my reed out. I decided to play out.

The jazz the rock and all the genres came out of it.

Once again jaws on the floor.

Claps to the core.


At 8 o clock I sat with Ralph, the ultimate crush.

He became fun and there was no rush.

More jaws on the floor

I laughed in surprise some more.


At 9 o clock I became smart.

I was no longer the fart.

Jaws fell on the ground and all over the place.

I am now on the go.

No longer my own foe. I am the Best Of The Best!



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