Thu, 01/23/2014 - 16:26 -- DSL360


As I leave my family
Towards a glowing light I cannot look away
I am blinded and cannot see ahead
I hear the great gust of wind trying to push me back.
Yet why do I keep walking forward?
What could possibly lie ahead in this concrete road?
Should I stray away while I am still young
So that I could see where I could go?
Or continue on this road which hides my destiny.
People walk past me not affected by the light.
They seem truly drawn to what lies ahead.
Most of them strong and many smart.
How could I compete?
Do I wait for someone to aide me?
Is there an easier way?
I awaken anew and struggle to move.
I pass through the great light and stop.
I read a sign that says SOAR High School.
I belong here.
I have awakened.


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