Society's worst enemy is insecurity.


Searching for something to hold on to, can't find nothing to grasp

Attempting to catch my breath while I try to inhale by the gasp

Should I admit to failure since my life does not have an objective or a point 

Dying to live, living to die

The stress I have to supress isn't something I can get rid of with a joint These voices whispering to me: "Surrender, commit suicide" 

We're so scared of expressing ourselves, our thoughts we falsify

Money and fame, people don't understand it but yet glorify

People have always been terrorized of being classified

But let me just clarify what people say doesn't signify as long as you feel peace inside

Societies worst enemy is insecurity, so we change to satisfy other's necessities, you feeling me? 

and as we do this we lose our authenticity while we give in to other's mediocrities, this is reality

So just listen to me, each of us has our own unique melody made from our OWN memories

Don't throw that to waste, don't let meaningless voices abstain you from obtaining your indvidual felicities.


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