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my muse and I – riding on the coattails of infinity     ..
Dear Love,
In the midst of all darkness, you persist to be better, you persist to overcome adversity. Your conviction in hope allows you to believe in the inevitablity of infinity.  After everything you have achieved,
when they say to the moon and back   i've always thought of it as a straight line   but do you remember that when Apollo 8 did go to the moon and back  
He has stumbled upon the girl, the goal of his lifetime.   With an eternity of waiting, the two souls became one, Swiftly, under the golden shine of dusk in the summertime.
Infinity.Past, present, future combined.The combination of space and time.Every moment shall live forever.The string between life and death will never be severed.
From left to right and back again they swing: The golden disks, the pendulums depended. Indifferent to those who onward tread, They click in perfect time, in time unending.
Perfectly powder blue iris’ of yours display my past present and future back at me parched lips of mine dabbled with a subtle rouge
Scavenger  Day and Night Daunting dawns High Noon, Low Noon Dust to dust, til the end No place like home No home to begin with  Traveler Perhaps on a mission
The waking world I’ve realized Is limited And can’t surprise   The busy, buzzing Mind inside
Two mirrors standAdjacent, opposedStaring into the infinityThey strive to approach   BecomingBut never being
Trapped in a beautiful reality, Twirling my Mobius strip. Walking on burning fallacy, Standing on the edge of spontaneity, I flip into the abyss— blinded by the power of silence
I am not a poem. Typed letters can take you to other worlds But not inside my head. I am as infinite as the universe As impossible to map as existence My body could fit in a refrigerator box
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Some try to define me as a person who's weird. Others say I'm simply avoident. To my parents, I'm just another mouth to feed. To my siblings, I am a money source. To my teachers,
I can see why someone would want to live forever. Forever is a very, very, very long time. Forever is eternity in a bottle. With forever, One could do anything And everything.
His world was finite, With colors of yellow, green, and orange And a little bit of brown. His world was speckled on all sides of him; All three sunset walls. The only variable was at the zenith,
My path is lost, I must pause, For life has gotten without cause, Identity faded, I'm not who I was, Fazed into tomorrow, Sorrow in all, Must borrow happiness,
Ive started seeing the universe in everything. And that is why when i am in nature i am full of joy. because i know that everyone has a bit of blue sky in them  and even when the dawn approaches,
Oh, how I'd like to know infinity. To hold that vastness in my head Even for a moment. To know beneath my hair there lies The universe, that spots my skies With light.
Oh sweet divinity,
    Yet we pray that we mean something, that we can not be one of the many. We see ourselves lost in a crowd and begin screaming. We grab the person closest to us,
Use your intuition, your divine knowledge, and allow love to propagate through every single substituent atom in your body.
Infinity includes all that exists and does not, Such a paradox this may be to people (a lot). Certainly, it may mean nothing to explain, But doing so anyway will not cause me a pain.   
there is a lake. It stretches from infinity to infinity. I cannot see its edges but I know they are there. Beyond them,  there is another infinity.   
Searching For The Infinity: A Letter Dear old friend, I knew you as a child.  Pure, beautiful, and untainted then. 
To believe that it is only three pounds, Yet it is my everything and more. I live here and so does someone else. Someone who knows the truth. Someone who puts in their own two cents without being asked.  
Infinity is a ridiculous notation its identity is completely out of human comprehension its vastness surpasses the furthest of reaches of all masterly crafted ideas, dreams and speeches
In this moment, we are infinite, We’re alive. Something bigger than ourselves. Something not meant to die. In this moment, we are crazy. Wild and carefree.
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