In Your Dreams

The waking world

I’ve realized

Is limited

And can’t surprise


The busy, buzzing

Mind inside

The body

That’s my own.


It has its blacks

And has its whites

But with my thoughts

And words aside


I’ve seen a place

With much to hide

That’s not so monotone.


Behind closed doors

And in my bed

I cease to walk

And fly instead


To skies where

Every night I’ve fled,

Away from here and home.


Where gravity

Can’t pin me down

To the limits of

The earthly ground


For in my mind

I am not bound

Or shackled;

I am free.


Free to hear the colors

Free to see the sounds

Free and by myself—

Alone, but in here I am me.


So shut the door

And close the blinds

I’ve much to do

And much to find


So that I may

Get lost inside

The world

Behind my eyes.

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