Yet we pray that we mean something, that we can not be

one of the many.

We see ourselves lost in a crowd

and begin screaming.

We grab the person closest to us,

and fight to convince ourselves

that they exisist.

We shout unto all the world

That we are here.

the world does not hear us at all

but merely continues turning.

We realize that space is infinite and forever

and that we have done this

countless times

and will still do it

countless more.

We know how infinite we are

when we sweat and work and bleed and love.

We know that we can never feel the limits of our emotions

and that as hard as we try we can never do something that no one else has ever done

or will ever do again.

Yet we pray that we can take this world that we have been given

and make it what we want

because the difference between the version of us that is here right now,

and all of the others is that we are here.

We can see and feel and trust and love and bleed and die and know and hope and cry and pray and fall and rise and create and destroy and sing and silence and imagine and dream and do and give and take and learn and read and forget and steal and choose and be and begin and end and die and live.

This place is ours.

We deternine what today is like,

and every day after until the sun explodes.

We feel, and so we are.

We choose, and so decide the fate of the universe.


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