Dear Love,

Dear Love,

You are infinite, consequential of the time and place, waiting to fulfill your mission. You can cry, laugh, smile, and destroy. You can turn a person of much grace and happiness into a slump of depression and emotional instability. It is not hard to stop caring; why not try? You may appear as a light in the darkness for some, but also an abyss of sadness for others. You are impossible to completely understand. Why do you still care? The people in this world are selfish and lazy. Why give them a chance at happiness? Why don’t you just leave everyone alone? You are disaster, destruction, and catastrophe. You are no life. You are no death. You are somewhere in between, like a different kind of Purgatory. I don’t know what to do, what to say, or how to live. You are to blame.

You are love. Then, leave. Leave so I no longer have to suffer the pain of rejection; the pain of breaking, the pain of a million shards of glass. Leave me alone. Forever and Always.


Human Hearts


Dear Human Hearts,

I am sorry for your pain, but understand this. When I say hi, do you say hi back? When I smile at you, do you feel happy? When I am happy, are you content? When I am hurt, do you feel just as hurt? When I spend time with you, do you feel fulfilled? When I am talking, do you hold on to every word? When I say I love you, will you say it back?

Yours truly,






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