Infinity Goes On Trial


To believe that it is only three pounds,

Yet it is my everything and more.

I live here and so does someone else.

Someone who knows the truth.

Someone who puts in their own two cents without being asked.


There is a cacophony of sound and a pool of emotions

And a constant debate with that other person.

Memories, thoughts and feelings are also on trial,

As well as the definition of sanity.


At night I rest,

But I feel that neighbor is conducting an orchestra with the sea of infinity that surrounds me.

A world is created under seven days;

It’s like he’s a god.


The things in this world are extraordinary,

But completely accepted.

Great answers come and float away

Never to be seen again.

Then there are the mirages of Matchstick Men,

Along with the rocking of the waves.


Then there is her.

She is ambiguous and more of a felling than a face;

But I am still infatuated with her.

She too floats away

To come back at an undetermined time at night,

But definitely again during the day.  


In the whole sea, she’s the melody I miss the most;

Day and night.

A good question is why her out of the whole sea,

But the answer is simple.

There is another mistrial.






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