I can see why someone would want to live forever.
Forever is a very, very, very long time.
Forever is eternity in a bottle.
With forever,
One could do anything
And everything.
To live forever
Is to be forever.
Yet forever
Is not very long.
When we think infinity,
We think of no end.
Yet there is an end
To everything:
Even infinity.
The very definition of infinity
Is having no end.
But if there is no end
And forever is eternity
And eternity is infinity
Then why is forever so short?
In the past millennium,
We have had war,
We have had peace,
We have had famine and illness and death,
We have had health and music and life.
The world that we have been born into
And the world we have created
Have been
Just like
Because forever ends
Just like infinity
Just like eternity
Just like life.
So even when we have eternal life,
We will end.
Humans want eternal life
Because life is fleeting.
In the past millennium,
We have done so very much.
But who is here to experience it
But the new born,
Too young to comprehend,
The child,
Too ignorant to understand,
The teen,
Too rebellious to be grateful,
The adult,
Too busy to remember,
The elder,
Too distracted by death to look around
And realize the world we have been given
And the choices we have made
Have brought us to where we stand today.
Forever is small.
Forever ends.
Eternal life
Is no different
From living forever.
This poem is about: 
Our world


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