In my dreams

there is a lake. It stretches

from infinity to infinity. I cannot see its edges but I know

they are there. Beyond them, 

there is another infinity. 


This lake exists in a state impossible on Earth,

impossible in any place where 

reality is governed by rules. 

There is no breeze, there is no air 

to disturb its perfect stillness. 

But I am still breathing.


The sky shatters. Through it, falls a planet. 

A whole world of rock and life and death and everything that ever was or will be 

plummets towards the lake. 

In the seconds before impact

the noise starts. It’s like no noise I have ever heard or will hear again. 

It’s like the fire of a thousand suns being extinguished in an instant,

a thousand souls drawing their first breath and their last


The rock crashes into the lake, and-


The world shakes, the crystal water boils and whistles and screams 

until there is nothing left.




A pebble drops into a pond.


the ripples surge outward, 

surge to discover new ground along the 

corners of my mind until they finally relent, exhausted, 

and sink back into the pond.

I am one with the lake. 

I am one with infinity.

That’s when I wake up.


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