Mind is Stretched

My path is lost,

I must pause,

For life has gotten without cause,

Identity faded,

I'm not who I was,

Fazed into tomorrow,

Sorrow in all,

Must borrow happiness,

But the bank won't give me a loan,

Must rent to own,

When the tax rate condones, the structure,

But i don't feel secure,

Pure abomination striking every nation running out of patience,

When I don't know my name since,

I'm brain dead,

Brainwaves, are painless,

Holding nothing but stainless, steal,

While the angels steal,

The voices in my head,

That fed the demons in my subconscious,

It's a bliss kiss from hells angel,

Playing a cat and mouse game with a Bengal tiger,

You'd think I'd learn from,

When I played who gets burned with a dragon,

Passion of the Christ, well believe,

That some day these broken mirrors will deliver me an Epiphany,

But I can't think when time stretches to infinity,

Strange scriptures that remind me of calligraphy

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