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Do you know how much I love you? I argue because I love you I apologize when I am wrong I miss you because I love you But I am still strong when you are gone I kiss you becuase I love you
Do you know how much I love you? I argue because I love you I apologize when I am wrong I miss you because I love you But I am still strong when you are gone I kiss you becuase I love you
I was the shattered glass laying on the floor, until you swept me up and built me into something more. I was a hole in the knee of your favorite blue jeans,  and you stitched me up along the seams.
I was the shattered glass laying on the floor, until you swept me up and built me into something more. I was a hole in the knee of your favorite blue jeans,  and you stitched me up along the seams.
i’ve spent hours on others   i can’t make them do anything still i type declare what you’re going to do  
Dear Curious Person,
Finding someone who is caring, careful, conscientious is far more difficult than I’d like it to be.When I found you I felt at peace, I felt like the world finally had meaning, motive, mind.When I met you my anxiety emerged its way back out of the
Starts with a blade Of grass, sticking Straight up, knifing Through the filth. A gentle hand grabs At it, to ignore The other weeds. Replanting at the break Of dawn, to carve
Like sisters we were inseparable I thought being best friends forever was inevitable Never thought we would end so catastrophic Until I learned that you were toxic   We deteriorated slowly
Ask me why I love you, And I shall tell you what I love most about you. No lies spill passed my parted lips, Only truths that swell from my heart and fall out my mouth.   Ask me what makes our love healthy,
The heart is a rich, oak door Locked from the inside out Love is a living, passionate wind Touching the door but lacking the key   You see, I locked the door before to keep from the robbers and rain
Because I love you I have no fear To be me.   No matter how far I wander, I have a place to be.   You and me
What is love? Is it just a word to say? Is it a belief I can use just to get my way? Is it the voice inside your head that says, “Because of me, the verbal abuse is okay."?
Love is stubborn: it digs its roots into the pit of your stomach and winds around your ribs and blooms within your heart. Love is difficult to get rid of, and so it must be taken care of, 
There's a lot of thingsYou should do in life;Things that you can doFor someoneJust because of the words "I love you."I know where this goes,  
Because I love you… I don’t make you feel stupid. I don’t make you do things unwanted. I don’t keep you from your friends.   Because I love you…
We were deep into the winter season. The weather was as cold as ice. We shivered with all reason. Our warmth was our price.
Do you remember that one night, when we first got together? Pure and innocent Beautiful yet risky I wanted to be with you too.  
I Love You I "Love" You I'll support you I'll control you I'll love all of you I'll love all of you except for your "health" I'll be there through every fight I'll be there but leave for fights
I want to hold your hand As we walk on our different roads. I offer you my heart, But not my life. Support me, Believe in me, Care for me, But don't live solely for me. Trust me,
Because I love you I listen when you speak to me. Because I love you I hug you and cuddle you to show you that I am here. Because I love you I can tell you my fears and feelings,
There is no explanation for a love like this, honestly, it just feels right. I'm overwhelmed with happiness and peace thanks to you. Your love is like a light.
A world where there is a perfect you, Is on our Earth, On the soil you would step, And the ground would beg to be touched once more,
  I love you You love me But I’m not you And you’re not me   That’s how it should be.   You are you
Love is not sadness Love is not being ignored being rejected or being belittled Love is not crying every night,  because you don't feel like enough Love is not constantly wondering
Love is hated, Love is craved.   A man wants the hold of a woman. A woman wants the kindness of a man.   A man wants to hold with powerful hands a small neck,
Are you willing to wait for me? I don’t know if it’s right to abuse you like this   This is my fault Retching at pictures at everything you do the moment we kiss
Healthy Relationships “To understand a Healthy Relationship you must first understand what it is not”.
I started out alone, down the school hallway. No friends. Nothing but my thoughts in my own mind. I had low self-esteem; didn’t know how to speak. No one noticed me. Nothing but my thoughts, and you.  
Because I Love You   because I Love you wear your seatbelt study for your test get some rest meet my family because I Love you    because I Dont Love you  leave your friends
On a quiet eveningas I touch my pen to this padI can hear a guitar strumDespite an absence of wordsyou can feel an overwhelming warmth
It can be a struggle   To communicate.   To let the words stuck in your throat take a life of their own.   "You hurt me" "I'm sorry" "Can we try something new?"  
Because I love you The weird smell your feet give off, your inability to answer messages (in a timely manner), the twitch you get before you sleep (that wakes me up), and your love of country music
Empowered by the essence of longing, Controlled by the thoughts of searching, Understanding the definitive feelings and reasonings of the soul,
Because I love you, I know you want someone else.And I want you to find them--you'll be happier then.I was an outline and instead of being my lover,Instead of being my color, you gave me the pen.    
The first day we met You asked if you could sit beside me You didn't move 'till I said yes   A few months later You asked if we could study You didn't get out books 'till I said yes  
Because I love you I will uplift you everyday Because I love you You will  throw any negative connotations about yourself away You are beYOUtiful Yes in your own way. Friends are your soulmates too.
He called me Baby, said that I was beautiful. That I was smart. strong. That he loved me.   So I was in love,
Because I love you, I will prove it through my caring actions.Every day I will tell you I love you and hope that this will make some impactions.Capability of expressing our feelings, while hearing
Feeling that warm Fuzzy feeling That stays with you  Throughout the whole slow song   When their eyes glisten Brown and green Like the earth Pure and innocent   
You’re far away too far away, and still you’re my best friend. And thoughts of you don’t go away, but I don’t want them to end. And as times progress, with every breath
This morning I woke up beside him He kissed me ‘till I was awake We laid there for hours, limbs knotted around each other Until I rose to cook breakfast   The night before, I came home, exhausted
because i love you i will stay by your side because i love you i'll wipe your tears when you cry because i love you i will comfort you in your sorrow because i love you
Today I found a flower It was wilted and brown and alone So I took it and nourished it I gave it water, food, and company I gave it time and space
Why? You forgive Even when I don't deserve it You give When I need it You hold me But never things against me When I am mad You are calm I wonder why
So every gesture  You choose to make And the response it elicits in me Could we keep it up Throughout time and endlessly? Lest we base a love on nothingness That fades with the seasons
In this life, we are taught to feel as though we need to be filled to continue to flow. The words of our loved ones can  encourage our growth,  but what happens when that isn't necessarily so?  
A crash course in love for those with little time and no experience:   Welcome You may not be sure why you’re here After all, ever since we’re young we’re taught love
The love of one and one will soon transpire, into what feels like time can never alter. But what can result from such a desire, we hope a friend who shall never falter.
  We fight And make up Because we care And we want to be heard But in the end All that matters Is I’m happiest
  We fight And make up Because we care And we want to be heard But in the end All that matters Is I’m happiest
Love is beyond belief. You may not believe me If I told you all the things love causes, That "because I love you" causes, Good and bad of course. Love comes in both these forms afterall
the privilege of touchinganother person’s bodyconnecting skinto skin thisis the gift of aphroditesubtletya grace in touchingfingertip to palmhead to necklips to hand this poetry of silencebridge between solitudeand      something bettermingling of
Because I love you, I'll always say it and mean it I'll always answer your call at 3 am  I'll always listen to you vent when you've had a bad day I'll always laugh at a joke that took you days to write
i loved a boy who hated everything sweet. i made him a cake but didn't add any sugar, yet he still said it was too sweet. i bought him candies but made sure only the sour,
I was always a mixture of too much and not enough.   A galaxy dotted with stars and brillance, but with dark spaces in between.   An ocean teeming with life,
I have a dream that one day love will be gentle and easy. There will be no abuse, there will be no loving one more than the other, there will be no force, there will be no
The hand on my cheek should be gentleNot rough. The look in your eyes should be cordialNot forbidding. The words you speak should be filled with loveNot anger.
Sweet love of mine I can not allow you to live in misery neither will I allow myself so much joy while you are stuck in sadness Precious love of mine give me your troubles you should never carry them alone
  Because I love you I'll never let you face anything alone Because I love you I'll remember ever milestone Because I love you
Why do yours shake when they reach my waist why do they make me want to grow smaller and smaller and dissapear why do your fingernails dig into my skin as I speak
What is love? Oh god, what a good question. What is love? Can anyone explain what it is, or isn’t? What the hell even is it?   Love isn’t.
  tell me about what you love tell me about your dreams tell me about what makes you giddy let me see your eyes light up 
a waltz through the house toes sliding along the kitchen floor giggles drift into the living room   harmony in a routine a smile, a sniffle, a silence comfort in merely existing  
I missed your call earlier, and it was okay. You didn't repeatively call, to "make sure I was OK" I was busy doing homework, and you caught me off guard with "I understand"
yesterday you were out sick you missed the history lecture so i copied another set of notes for you I love you, you said, only it came out as “thanks”
“ Scream! Scream, my darling, I promise you that my words are not nooses, my love not poison, my kisses not lethal injection.
Because you love me: you take me to lunch at your least favorite place, and you help me study during your lunch break.  Because you love me:  when it's pouring you throw me your jacket,
We can do this together because we love eachother. I may not be able to do this but you can, if you want, because I love you. I can do this but you cannot but you do not mind because you love me.
Experience teaches many things for when you're shown that diamond ring Mama always told me "love yourself first you are a mirror beware of dirt it's on their hands let them touch and
The bruises and scars I received for sixteen years define me. I am broken and damaged almost beyond repair, my hopeful heart was shattered into a million pieces.
#BecauseILoveYou I control who you see and what you wear, because I love you I spend more time on my phone than spending time with you, because I love you I flirt with other people behind your back, because I love you
i love to talk to you to hear your feelings aloud your words falling through my ears through tunnels straight to my heart you share your dreams and they float as fluffy clouds in my mind
Because I love you I listen to you  Because I love you I support you  Because I love you I challenge you  Because I love you I pray for you  Because I love you I’m here for you on your worst days and your best days
Because I love you I still get lost when I look into your eyes. The simple thought of you turns my frown into a smile. Every hug makes me feel warm inside
I have always been a vacant lover.  Communication does not come easy when you're a child from a verbally abusive home.
Because I love you I don't press When secrets slip between your eyes Because I love you I wait for you to tell me Because I love you I hold you when you cry Wipe away tears with tissues
Because I love you: I’ll make sure you eat and drink, I’ll stop pestering if you say “I’m not hungry.” Because I love you: I’ll wipe your tears when you cry,
Your fingers intertwine With every story I’ve ever written, Every rose I’ve ever held. They trace my skin, Reading my story like it’s written in brail.
Love is when lust becomes not solely a feeling of attraction, Not an act of self-satisfaction, But rather, an act unachievable by anyone else. When fingertips are no longer human skin,
A healthy relationship. What is "healthy"? Saying I love you when you get off the phone? A good night and good morning text? A like on instagram? A tagged picture?
I texted you to make sure you got home safely… I cooked you breakfast before I left…. I stayed up late to see you…. I take care of myself….
Because   you love me you dream my dreams with me, and sometimes, you dream them for me when I forget to.
a healthy relationship is an open window sunlight filtering through the blinds cool air filling tired lungs   a healthy relationship is a flower you never forget to water. a lily, 
Loving you was like grasping oil Always treated you like you were royal Only to have you slip out of my fingertips.   Loving you had me inhaling flames Didn't know who to blame
Please and thank you, yes and no That is how our love should go. Kiss me, love me, hold me near Call me sweetheart, darling, dear. Like a well-watered flower, or a tree with strong roots,
Because I love you i ask you if you made it home safe Because I love you I ask if you’ve eaten and had enough water
There is something to be said of the force that lifts us at our lowest, Turning our words into those of poets. Allows us to know well their mistakes and flaws, But to still see them and be struck by awe.
The ground beneath my feet is firm,yet I can spread and curl my toesin the forgiving soil of his support.
Love heals Love serves Love hears.  It takes some time to decipher  the truth from the noise.  Love is falling apart  and knowing they won't change their mind.  Finding light.
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