I have a dream that one day love

I have a dream that one day love

will be gentle and easy.

There will be no abuse, there will

be no loving one more than the other,

there will be no force, there will be no

depending on each other for happiness.

Instead, my fellow lovers and I will recognize 

our self worth and refuse to let out significant 

others treat us any less than what we deserve.

We will put our needs, our preferences, ourselves first.

By this, I do not mean to neglect the preferences of others.

But to realize just how important it is to have a

mutual relationship where you both agree. 

And no one's doing things they don't want to or

that are damaging mentally just to keep their

partner satisfied. 

Love should be consensual. 

Love should be equal.

Love should be a team.

A team that works together in order to succeed. 

I have a dream for people to be in healthy relationships

where their self worth is recognized. 

Thank you. 


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Our world


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