lessons from the best teacher

Experience teaches many things

for when you're shown that diamond ring

Mama always told me "love yourself first

you are a mirror beware of dirt

it's on their hands

let them touch and

they'll mar your beauty"

my tragic ability

to love and quickly fall

like a fool to their catcalls


Experience teaches many things

to prep you for that diamond ring

beware his eyes

even they hold lies

lips promise desires

so you believe that liar 

who steals futures

and virtues

and all held dear

soothes your fear

only to cause your tears


Experience teaches many things 

before he buys that diamond ring

sure she's damaged

brings some baggage

but life leaves us all scarred

with hopes and dreams marred

beyond repair

but look past despair

to find the love earnest

hiding just past the surface


Experience teaches many things

for when you wear that diamond ring

it's "I love the best version of you

even when it's not in view"

it's making you forget

how pain felt before we met

it's letting go

of mistakes made long ago

that was then, love

this is now, love

we're not the same

as those children with our name

so put it out of your mind

and I'll try not to remind

you of who you used to be

we'll live your wildest dreams

and watch you shine

beautiful love of mine

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