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Haiti is not destitute Haiti is not a poor prostitute Haiti got robbed Haiti got mobbed BIG TIME
Spy of high, its a poor's Cry Spare the Honest ,do not Pry   Don't You know it hurts so bad when my blue bird just can't fly   talk to the nobles, say my sigh i am so naïve, don't know to get by
So, I hear you say, “I heard a rumor…” Syllables capable of planting problems were people once were Corrupting, corrosive... killing. But they can only take root if you’re willing
When they rise up,  You drift down.   When you avoid them, They attack.   When you let them include you, You only protect yourself.   But when you pretend you are fine,
I’ll never leave the fantasy of The life I’ve always wanted: A bird become free, as I can see; Yet is a world never imparted.  
Looking back at the old days They would look at me and call me gay I felt lose in the crowd because I wasn't the same But I knew who I was and that was okay I grew stronger and knew my worth
   i was bullied -god it feels so wrong to call it that- it was so much more than that  it feels like i should call it less    i was sexually harrased -god it feels wrong to actually put it into words-
Three mean girls, one victim The commons of Sapulpa High School Punches took to the face,verbal abuse Constant jabs to the stomach The crowd starts to grow
All they do is cause problems, Cause harm, Cause drama, I hate them, They're an ugly gem, Filled with Flem, They are all hate, Spreading like a ramped disease, So contagious,
There's cruelty few people know One that is vast but Meager, silent  But deafening    Words can injure hearts Words consume worth Yet Absence of words Is scarcity of food 
You defend me against slander You come to my aid Despite that, I haven’t done the same Despite that, I’ve done the opposite  
She wishes she couldPunch them in the faceThey thought they wouldBeat her in that race She was somehow silentBut they were raging a warShe had some different scentNow she regrets, she could roar
I understand you fake, to take, but awake the quake that shakes the snakes from forbidden trees. I know you're knees must hurt, from the dirt you're cursed to birth the worst of earth.
Once upon a time There was a man named Florian I thought he was the one I thought he was grand… Suddenly I felt a need to scroll through my Instagram
Their words felt like the noose around my neck Their actions felt like the gun against my head Their hatred felt like the blade against my skin
Beaten downthrown to the groundcovered in bloodCuts run deepCan barely sleepThe tormentors haunt you
Walking through the halls, Not even a friendly stare. Everyone hates me here. It's just not fair.   Girls telling me I look      dumb                  nerdy
BEING MYSELF Be yourself... That's what everyone says. But being myself... gave me this black eye. But being myself Gave me this bruised face. Gave me a childhood i wasn't ready to face.
RED is the violence our kind faces a discrimination that surpasses religion and races An ORANGE tinge outlines our scars. A reminder of  Injustice comitted this June, in an Orlando gay bar.
I wish I didn't fall off the swing. I wish I still had sight. I know we was just playing. I know it was 4th grade, But they don't have to be so cruel. It was their fault anyway. It was that stupid game.
There are times in life when you care about a person and are torn, but why are we lighting ourselves on fire, to keep them warm?
It hurts, we know. You just want this pain to go. You often cry, we can tell. We all know you’re going through h*ll We wish we could stop it, but where do we start? Perhaps what is needed is a change of heart
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