RED is the violence our kind faces

a discrimination that surpasses

religion and races

An ORANGE tinge outlines

our scars. A reminder of 

Injustice comitted this June,

in an Orlando

gay bar.

the Sun always comes up

to warm our lives with 

its radience of YELLOW,

no matter how cold we feel

from remarks 

badmouthing a gal and a gal


fellow with fellow.

Those who are here

are lucky GREEN

to still have their lives

their freedom

the privilege of not being unseen

but depression often hits those 

who deny

who survive

who are frightened to thrive.

Bullying changes you

into a cold,


BLUE hue.

We are outsiders who only wish

to be 


To be capable of 

happiness under an INDIGO sky

without fear 

of being unprotected.

For when the night ends, 

those innocent lives 

are still 

only carvings on headstones

with VIOLET roses

on the ground.

We mourn, 

but we rise

We smile,

but we cry for the treatment of

our community.

and just like the 

Rainbow chases the sun,

dramatic change for 


has only just




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