Walking through the halls,

Not even a friendly stare.

Everyone hates me here.

It's just not fair.


Girls telling me I look



                                 like their mom.


Former best friends

Spilling my secrets

that they once held,

Close to their heart.


Everyone looks at me weirdly now.

No believes 

That I am smart

My grades have started slipping.


Walking through the halls,

I see gaggles of girls,

Even boys too.

Gossiping about me, I'm sure.


Girls telling me I look  


                          like I shop blindly

                                         like their grandma.


Former best friends,

Lying theives of my friendship,

Now given to those mean girls,

Laughing over there.


Everyone looks at me weirdly now,

Tears start filling my eyes,

Their laughs echo down these empty halls,

And as the late bell rings,


I sit down and cry.

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