Haiti Got Robbed Big Time

Haiti is not destitute

Haiti is not a poor prostitute

Haiti got robbed

Haiti got mobbed


That’s a horrendous crime
Haiti is not broken
Haiti got robbed big time

Haiti got hijacked

Haiti got jacked
That's a ghastly crime
Haiti got jerked off and taken
Advantage of. They broke
All doors and windows. They even took
The freaking empty coffers with them
Oh, God! This is hell! Lord dawn!

Damn! Haiti got robbed again
By her own children
By her goat head guests, and the foster children
Haiti is no longer the heaven
For the children of Dessalines
Haiti is no longer a haven
Or refuge that invites good people
Haiti is not poor. Haiti is broke

Everybody is wearing purple
Haiti got hurt badly. Haiti got smocked
Yet, Haiti is not broken. Haiti got shocked
Haiti got jerked. Haiti got jacked

Haiti got trashed

Haiti got smashed

Haiti got weaponized

Haiti got diabolized

Haiti got stumped

Haiti got dumped

Haiti got bumped

Haiti got stunk

Haiti got dunked
Haiti got mocked

Haiti got marked

Ayiti got teased

Ayiti got squeezed

Haiti got frocked

Haiti got locked

Haiti got humiliated

Haiti got rejected

Haiti got sunk

Haiti got bunked
Haiti got shot many times. Haiti is wounded
But Haiti will survive again, again and again
Haiti will bleed, but the old Bohio will regain
Consciousness. Haiti is divided
But will unite and rejuvenate
And Haiti will control her own fate



Haiti got hope

Just ask the Pope

I ain’t vociferously lying

I am not freaking joking

P.S. Kote Kòb Petrokaribe A?

Where is the foreign aid money?

Who stole all the aids?

Copyright © October 2018, Hébert Logerie, All rights reserved
Hébert Logerie is the author of several books of poetry.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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