Before and After

Their words felt like the noose around my neck

Their actions felt like the gun against my head

Their hatred felt like the blade against my skin

I didn’t know what I did wrong to receive their disgust

I didn’t realize their thoughts were eating me alive

I didn’t notice that I became a glass that wasn’t half full, just empty

I couldn't sleep

I couldn’t eat

I couldn’t breathe

I couldn’t live

They say that things have to get worse before they get better

But I couldn’t wait that long


Their words feel like I am not alone in this world

Their actions feel like I finally belong somewhere

Their love feels like I mean something for the first time

I know that they are here for me, even when I think I’ve lost it

I realized that these people are the greatest I have met, and will ever meet

I noticed that I have become a better version of myself, a glass full of life

I can sleep

I can eat

I can breath

I can finally live

They say things have to get worse before they get better

And it was worth it, worth living


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