Defense of the Hated

You defend me against slander

You come to my aid

Despite that, I haven’t done the same

Despite that, I’ve done the opposite


Tears have slipped down your cheeks

Do you see the tracks I have caused

Do you see your own pain

Do you hate yourself

Is it because of me


Why don’t you hate me instead

I hate me

I called you names

I hurt people, you

defend me

I made you feel like you didn’t belong

And in the same position, I once was

You defend me


Thank you for this forgiveness I don’t deserve

I’m sorry for what I did

but I don’t deserve to be forgiven


Perhaps this is your first step to a new life

But then that's giving you too little credit


Making your forgiveness self-involved; Selfish


You saw me

As someone who needed defense

And you gave me that.

Is that not amazing?

Because to me it is unbelievable


This poem is about: 
Our world


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