Family over Everything. (SnoWhite's once upon a time tiwst).

Once upon a time

There was a man named Florian

I thought he was the one

I thought he was grand…

Suddenly I felt a need to scroll through my Instagram

Post after post till my eyes got a hold, of a video he had post


It began with him facing the seven members of my family

Speaking to them so harshly

“Little humans, What are you? Get to my level or shoo shoo”.


It was prince Florian bullying my fam!

With words to hurt and no reason to exert

I couldn't bare another second, so I came up with a plan

I’ll hop in an Uber and search for this man

He’ll be easy to find

No land is to vast


On my way, through the forest I went

My eyes caught a glance of Mean Florian

There he was, standing by a tree

Trying to make a joke out of my family

And for what?!

His lame Instagram feed!

Oh no he won't, not while I still breathe


With no time to waste, I picked up my pace

Got real close and into place

The time has come to pound his face

Down to the ground fell the little prince

Don’t mess with my family, or you’ll meet my fist!


#SavageSnow :) CYG


This poem is about: 
Our world


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