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Be yourself...

That's what everyone says.

But being myself...

gave me this black eye.

But being myself

Gave me this bruised face.

Gave me a childhood i wasn't ready to face.

My hair, My look, My name or Race.

No matter what the case.

They found me, Beat me, Broke me down.

No matter how good I hid, or fast I ran, 

I was always found.

Push me, Tease me or thrown on the ground.

Couldn't tell, couldn't speak so I never made a sound.

But if i did, then i'd be dead.

Spit on, used, kicked and shoved.

Whatever you can think of, I've been through it all.

After there done, my voice is weak, no one to call.

I'm Weak, I'm Fragile, I'm Light as Fuck.

I'm a son of a bitch who has no luck.

Treated like shit no matter where I go....

My past will haunt me so fourth and so on...

I cry inside so no tears will show.

It'll never end until I permanently go...


This is me and I am weak.

To bullies I am power and energy they seek.

My head hurts from thinking of these horrible memories.

My hand hurts from writing this all down

As far as i can see....

Your gonna burn in hell just like the rest of your "gang"

So please think... why me you bully.

Is it because i'm small, or i'm not so superior,

Or because i am weak or inferior.

Is it because you think little of me

Or maybe your weak and i'm better you see...



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