What should we do?

Thu, 06/23/2016 - 10:40 -- Mfallin

It hurts, we know.

You just want this pain to go.

You often cry, we can tell.

We all know you’re going through h*ll

We wish we could stop it, but where do we start?

Perhaps what is needed is a change of heart

When we’re young, when we learn

That is when we will teach them to yearn.

For friendship and for love

So that they may stay as innocent as a dove.

But that’s for the future, what about now?

For now we ask that you don’t bow

Please don’t submit, don’t lay down

Stand high as if you wear a crown

Some encouragement to help you win

You have the ability to make the world spin

You don’t know the future, neither do I

But everyone affects the world, that’s no lie.

And know you’re not alone, please don’t forget,

That it’s not too late yet.

There always someone who cares, someone who sees

Someone who does not intend to flee.

They may try to help directly, maybe not.

But help they will, for that’s what they have been taught.

These people are who we need,

Those who will help where need may be.

So things will change, give it time

Give hope a chance, and it will make things right. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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