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Waking up, thinking about back in the day. The kids got up, went outside to play. Things was groovy, hey. Until everything started to change. The world suddenly got rearraged. The people really went deranged.
I spoke to the darkness,  I said to her, Oh where for art thou bitter cruel? she replied, Why Not? 
Doggies. Very loyal. They are human's prime friends. Do not cause any harm to them. Canines.
Mine old friend, I wish you my new lover I long to be with you but cannot speak Mine passions scream, though my words are quiet
Land of the free Home of the brave Cruel individuals litter the streets With their lies and sneers When will people be genuine again? America is filled with cheaters and liars
I’m constantly holding back tears, I hate the lump in my throat, I wake up, do my makeup, fix my hair, and throw on my coat, I walk out the door and into the world, Here I am everyone, just a lost, vulnerable girl,
Defenesless against you, scared of you.  Four legged lives have feelings too, they are not stuffed animals.  They are real, they breathe just like humans do. They need food just like humans.
How about we play a game I made it up just for you We'll all run away And you'll be the big scary monster We'll ignore you, avoid you
Dismember me Pull me apart piece by piece Torture me Hear my screams Break me   Then put me back together
There once was an ignorant boy. Who dreamed, only, of love.   He dreamed of passion, and dreams. He dreamed blissful dreams of love.         One day it hit him.               
In and from this world what do we really want?
O' how cruel mine own heart be! It cares not if my head forbids It to love so as to not be twain in half again.
You thought you knew my name But all that time all you saw an image Looking down and up "Yo!!! mame..."   Don't insult me I thought why don't you be like them gentlemen... I can't stand you!!!
No style can describe how I feel, No emotion can express what I see, Day by day nothing changes. The faces are a facade, I'm not sure what I am. But I'm glad of what I am I nod into others worries,
It never made sense til now and the sense I've made makes no sense at all. If I should say the truth I hope it be opaque cause I can't stand myself or the perils left unscathed.  
I always hear the words from men and women, they say to me that i'm not who they thought I'd be, should this offend me or should I just let it be, let them believe that I can be who they see of me,
How much  glorification, can one
 person endure
 before becoming
 the person everyone
 wants them to be, instead of the person
The Making of a Leader A leader.....who is leader? Many are they in sight, Many that I see, But one stands out, not because of her skills it seems But for her deficiences.
I like to scream I like to shout I like to faithfully cast those negative thoughts out I think big I imagine wild I'll go the distance for my travel crave mile-to-mile But once indroduced to another mind
You can love me. You can hate me. It doesn't matter what you think of me, becuause I am me. You will not change me,. I am bold, bright, a star amoungst stars.
Why is it that I dream under this black sky again Why do i feel as though i cannot see My heart aches  But i still dont know  What to say to you I close my eyes again Today i must say it
Confrontations in every conversation
The move was unanticipated but brutal The punch that you recieved from Life Obliterates you to the core Always thinking it won't be me But now saying why me? 
My generation Only knows hate Because it's all we've seen.
Oreo To think a childhood could reincarnate itself in mockery Oreo that's what they call me Oreo because I'm too black to be white, but not black enough to BE black Oreo
Tricked into traps, Locked in cages, Thrown like trash off the tops of trucks. Scared, alone and helpless, They wait. They wait for their turn to be violently tortured,
As if their concentration camps weren't enough, Now they have to shove big guns in our faces. They do not care if we cry, They do not care if we die. All they care about is extinguishing our religion and race.
This I must confess That I wonder when you will wake up and realize What I truly am. Because for all my fanciful thoughts and fairytales I must confess that I will
Bed Dreams Ah bed so soft and warm I love to jump and play In a feathery swarm Every night and day For a bed is a place that’s fun Now if only I actually had one.
The Bell Rings The bell rings We take our seats And care not for beings Who we can beat
(poems go here) They did the work we didn’t want to do We could not be in the same room It was illegal for them to have a say If they even tried it was almost like they were thrown away This went on for 400 years
Shuffled by, Tossed and tied up without a bat of an eye Thrusted into a life that was unseen Depicted less of our mean Voice unheard, some sort of strangled silence
Shuffled by, Tossed and tied up without a bat of an eye Thrusted into a life that was unseen Depicted less of our mean Voice unheard, some sort of strangled silence
I see what your scared of, that thing inside that you want, the burning fire, te desire for change, you thought you could do it alone but your just one, thats what the doubters say,
The riders are teachers, The marchers are leaders, The man they all look too, Is a Baptist preacher. She sat in a chair, Not willing to share, To stand for her rights, Without being compared.
Some say ignorance is bliss, but I dare to disagree; I say ignorance is what the eyes are afraid to see. On the outside you may think these people are friends through whatever;
I've seen my people enslaved by these monsters I haven't seen them escape very far Still trapped by their masters, or the ones that claim they are And they've been hypnotized by those damn cars
Why won’t it change color? I try so hard To scrub off the darkness That will never go away It brings so much trouble and shame They stare at “it” Define me through “it” But I am more than that
Silence sweeps over the cotton fields of present day Georgia As gentle winds tickle the cypress and the pine. Streams ebb contently in their beds. Who would have thought in such a beautiful place,
I had a dream, he had a gun. I asked if I could sit, they asked if I could run. Without justice there is no peace, they say “I have justice so is there peace?”
In today's world, we hear about the civil rights movements in history class. We think, "that was so long ago, does it even matter now?" Most teens only think about our country now, not it's past.
This is a Rise^ For All of Those who have Died in order to keep the Living Hope Alive This a Rise^ For All of those who wear a disguise There's no need to hide
Oreos. Zebras. There are jokes about both That are funny to even the most welcoming of people. When two races mix, Two races so different as black and white, literally, Judgment is passed,
The words you speak to me Knock me off my feet again and again. Making me feel like I’m nothing Fiercely throwing me off the deep end! Pointing out every one of my mistakes, As if I’m not aware!
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